1. Who are Meter Asset Providers (MAPs)?

These are companies licensed by the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) to procure and install meters for customers of electricity distribution companies under MAP regulation 2018.


2. What is the role of IBEDC under the MAP scheme?

IBEDC is responsible for meeting its metering gap specified by NERC. It is also responsible for the timely disbursement of meters to customers and coordination of meter deployment within its franchise area.


3. When will MAP be re-lunched?

MAP is expected to kick off this December 2021


 4. Who are the MAPs participating?

  • CWG Plc
  • Integrated Resources Limited (IRL)
  • Protogy Global Services
  • Mojec International Limited

 Note: More MAPs may be brought in if required


5. What is their permitted coverage area?




Ijeun, Olumu, Ota, Sagamu, Sango, Mowe-Ibafo and   Ijebu Ode Business Hubs


 Ede, Ikirun , Ile-Ife , Osogbo and  Ilesa  Business Hubs


 Molete, Apata, Dugbe, Oyo, Ojoo, Akanran and  Monatan   Business Hubs


Jeba, Omu-aran, Ogbomosho,  Baboko and Challenge Business Hubs

Note: This is subject to modification if necessary.


6. Is MAP the same thing as the National Mass Metering Program (NMMP)?

No, MAP is a scheme approved by NERC for customers that are willing to make upfront payments for meters. NMMP is a policy intervention by the FGN to supply meters to customers.


7. Will IBEDC sell NMMP meters under MAP?

No, NMMP meters are processed differently from MAP meters- with NMMP there is no need for online registration


8. Has IBEDC stopped the distribution of the NMMP meters?

No, NMMP meters are scheduled to be distributed in four phases.  Phase zero is just rounding up.


9. How can I identify license MAP personnel?

All MAP personnel shall always be equipped with branded uniforms and a photo identity card whilst providing metering services.


10. How much does a MAP meter cost?

The cost of a single-phase meter costs ₦63,061.32 while a three-phase meter costs 117,910.69 (VAT inclusive).


 11. What are the available payment options under MAP?

Upfront payment only


12. Does the meter cost cover the cost of service lines?

No. It is the customer’s responsibility to pay for service lines where required.


13. What type of meters is IBEDC providing under the MAP scheme?

All meters deployed under the MAP scheme are smart prepaid meters.


14. How long will it take to be metered under MAP?

Customers are to be metered within 10 working days after the receipt of payment.


15. How can I pay for the MAP meter?

Payment can only be made upon clearance and successful issuance of a unique ID code from IBEDC. Afterward, payment can then be made into a MAP dedicated bank account.


  • Payment cannot be made without a unique ID.
  • Payment must ONLY be paid into a MAP dedicated bank account


16. Where can I pay for a MAP meter?

Customers can only pay for a meter at the bank upon successful evaluation of the premises for suitable meter deployment


17. Do I have to pay for meter installation?

No additional payment other than the cost of the meter


18. I want a MAP meter, what should I do?

Visit any of our customer care offices at your nearest Business Hubs and fill a MAP request form @ ibedc.com or click here to fill the form online. For more clarification, kindly send an email to customercare@ibedc.com or call 0700 123 9999.


19. What if I don’t want a Meter?

MAP Regulations stipulate that all unmetered customers must be metered.


20. Do I have to settle all my outstanding bills?

Customers are advised to pay their outstanding bills by taking advantage of the various repayment options available. Also, outstanding balances can be rolled over into the customer’s prepaid account and paid in installments in line with IBEDC’s repayment options.


21. Can I approach the MAP Vendor directly.

  • No.  All customer meter requests must be routed through IBEDC directly.
  • Any meter procurement and deployment by customers outside IBEDC are illegal.


22. My meter has just been installed by MAP, what is the next step?

The meter is preloaded with energy credit, so you will enjoy supply immediately.

The cost is dependent on the preload unit and applicable SRT band

Visit our nearest Business Hub with the meter information given to you during the meter installation for purchase of energy token/payment before the preloaded token is exhausted. The preloaded energy credit will be deducted from customers’ first energy purchases.


23. What happens to those customers that paid under the CAPMI scheme and have not been metered?

The backlog of meters with sufficient proof of payment under the CAPMI scheme is currently being addressed. For more information, visit any of our offices nearest to you or send an email to customercare@ibedc.com or call 0700 123 9999.


 24. nder the MAP scheme, who owns the meter, the customer, the Disco or the Meter Asset Provider?

The meters belong to IBEDC because there will be a refund of the cost of the meter through equal installment of energy credit at the points of vending.


25. What is the duration of a refund?

36 months.


26. Is a customer permitted to transfer a meter from one location to another?

No. NERC position under the MAP Regulation is that where a customer relocates within the Disco’s franchise area, the customer shall apply to the relevant Disco for the transfer of services including applicable credits for energy. However, customers that are tenants on a property are advised to have their meters paid for by the homeowner since the objective of MAP is to have all properties metered.