Frequently Asked Questions

You can pay your electricity bills via any of the following channels:

  • Any of the branches of our trusted banks: Polaris Bank, UBA, Eco Bank, Zenith Bank, Fidelity Bank, and Mainstreet Bank.
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  • Through our Cash collection centers and vending stations across our Business Hubs. For details on these locations, please visit the Locations page.
  • Online Platforms via e-tranzact, POS

Steps involved in reading your bill:

Reading Your Bill

  • First, be sure that the bill delivered to you belongs to you by checking the Name on the top left corner of the bill ( see sample bill above).
  • Your tariff code (shown on the bottom right part of the bill) indicates your tariff class, for example R2 with a corresponding energy charge per kWH.
  • Your present reading as shown on just after the read date signifies the energy consumption reading of your meter as at the date it was last observed.
  • The previous reading subtracted from current reading gives the consumption.
  • Your consumption times the multiplier, times the energy rate, plus fixed charge and plus VAT= pay Total Due as shown on Bill.

On all the prepaid meters installed across our network, meter reading can be done by pressing the button on the front of the meter. Parameters including energy units left will be displayed on the LCD.

However, for electromechanical meters, the dial display are segmented with different digits. Reading this digits from left to right and subtracting such a value from the Last actual reading gives you the units of energy consumed.

Please, visit any of our Business Hubs and make a request.

This may lead to discontinued electric power supply to the customer.

Customers that perform illegal connections or meter bypass if discovered, shall be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

If you know or suspect anyone of meter tampering or energy theft, kindly call the number or send an email to the whistleblower contact below: