MAP To-Do Guide


MAP stands for Meter Asset Provider.The objective of MAP is to accelerate metering in the country and eliminate estimated billingMeter Asset Providers (MAPs)are companies licensed by the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) to procure and install meters for customers of electricity distribution companies under MAP regulation 2018.

IBEDC is responsible for meeting its metering gap specified by NERC. It is also responsible for the timely disbursement of meters to customers and coordination of meter deployment within its franchise area.

Visit any of our customer care offices at your nearest Business Hubs and fill a MAP request form @ or click here to fill the form online and get a MAP ID. Then you will be notified by SMS to make payment upon successful Technical Evaluation of your premises. For more clarification, kindly send an email to [email protected] or call 0700 123 9999.

The cost of a single-phase meter is N88,123.30 (VAT inclusive) while a three-phase meter costs N154,623.81 (VAT inclusive).

Payment can only be made upon clearance and successful issuance of a unique ID code from IBEDC. Afterward, payment can then be made into a MAP dedicated bank account.


  1. Payment cannot be made without a unique ID.
  2. Payment must ONLY be paid into a MAP dedicated bank account

Customers are to be metered within 10 working days after the receipt of payment.

Where can I pay for a MAP meter?

Customers can only pay for a meter at the bank upon successful evaluation of the premises for suitable meter deployment

Yes, customers will get a refund of the cost of the meters through energy credit over a period of 36 months.

No additional payment other than the cost of the meter

No, MAP is a scheme approved by NERC for customers that are willing to make upfront payments for meters. NMMP is a policy intervention by the FGN to supply meters to customers. MAP will run concurrently with NMMP.

No, NMMP meters are processed differently from MAP meters- with NMMP there is no need for online registration

No, NMMP meters are scheduled to be distributed in four phases. Phase zero is just rounding up.

MAP Regulations stipulate that all unmetered customers must be metered.